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 samsung phone tips

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PostSubject: samsung phone tips   Wed 16 Jul 2008, 22:53

1] While playing a video, press '1' to switch between full screen/normal.

2] While viewing a photo (from My Photos) press # to switch from full screen to normal and vice-versa.

3] To see the time and date in standby (keypad locked) press and hold the side (volume) key. The signal strength, number of new messages and missed calls also will be displayed.

4] In camera mode, press '*' to switch between different flash modes.

5] While reading a text message or in the browser, use volume keys to scroll page wise, instead of line by line.

6] Press # to read next message and * to read previous message, without going 'back' to the inbox each time.

7] When viewing calendar, press volume keys to view next/previous month.

8] When you press the volume key 4 times, an emergency message is sent to 10 preset numbers. If any of these numbers calls back, the phone automatically connects without waiting for you to press the green key and all the operations are done silently with vibration.

9] To block incoming calls from certain numbers go to call log and From options, find 'Reject List' and add the numbers you want. You can add up to ten numbers at a time.

10] To hear music while multitasking, start the music player, go to Options> Settings and change the 'music overrides other sounds' to 'ON'.

11] To change wallpaper every time you come to the main screen from menu, go to Settings> Display Settings> Wallpaper, and change 'theme' to 'normal', then from the wallpaper list, select 'Random'.

12] Tor remove operator name/number from the main screen, go to DisplaySettings> Text Display and change text
position to 'off'.

13] To fast forward or rewind music or video while playing, press and hold left/right navigation keys,

14] When the call starts, type #*22671 # to record. Press 'c' to exit the white info screen and to stop recording type #*22672#.

15] Type *#8999*8378# to enter the hardware/software test mode, and *2767*3855# to do a full reset.
try it out...!! lol!
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samsung phone tips
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